Part II. Network Configuration Setting Specification

Table of Contents

Configuration Settings
connection — General Connection Profile Settings
802-1x — IEEE 802.1x Authentication Settings
adsl — ADSL Settings
bluetooth — Bluetooth Settings
bond — Bonding Settings
bridge — Bridging Settings
bridge-port — Bridge Port Settings
cdma — CDMA-based Mobile Broadband Settings
dcb — Data Center Bridging Settings
dummy — Dummy Link Settings
generic — Generic Link Settings
gsm — GSM-based Mobile Broadband Settings
infiniband — Infiniband Settings
ipv4 — IPv4 Settings
ipv6 — IPv6 Settings
ip-tunnel — IP Tunneling Settings
macsec — MACSec Settings
macvlan — MAC VLAN Settings
802-11-olpc-mesh — OLPC Wireless Mesh Settings
ovs-bridge — OvsBridge Link Settings
ovs-interface — OpenVSwitch Interface Settings
ovs-patch — OvsPatch Link Settings
ovs-port — OvsPort Link Settings
ppp — Point-to-Point Protocol Settings
pppoe — PPP-over-Ethernet Settings
proxy — WWW Proxy Settings
serial — Serial Link Settings
tc — Linux Traffic Contril Settings.
team — Teaming Settings
team-port — Team Port Settings
tun — Tunnel Settings
user — General User Profile Settings
vlan — VLAN Settings
vpn — VPN Settings
vxlan — VXLAN Settings
wimax — WiMax Settings
802-3-ethernet — Wired Ethernet Settings
802-11-wireless — Wi-Fi Settings
802-11-wireless-security — Wi-Fi Security Settings
Secret flag types

This part documents the properties and value types of each "Setting" object that composes the basic unit of NetworkManager configuration, the "Connection". Each Connection object is simply a dictionary mapping setting names (like "802-3-ethernet" or "bluetooth") to a dictionary of key/value pairs that represents each itself.