Used sparingly, animation can be useful for drawing attention to important information in your application - and it can look cool, too. However, it can be problematic for some users, so make sure they can turn it off.

  • Don't use flashing or blinking elements having a frequency greater than 2 Hz and lower than 55 Hz. This includes text as well as any graphical objects. Anything in this frequency range may cause particular problems for users susceptible to visually-induced seizures. Note that there is no "safe" frequency, though. If flashing is essential, you should use the system's cursor blink frequency (which should itself be customizable), or allow users to configure the frequency themselves.
  • Don't flash or blink large areas of the screen. Small areas are less likely to trigger seizures in those susceptible to them.
  • Make all animations optional. The animated information should be available in at least one non-animated format, at the user's request.