If you come from the Windows world, when you first launched Anjuta, you can told yourself : "Hey, that looks like MS Visual C++, as I know it pretty well, understanding Anjuta will be a piece of cake.". Anjuta looks like Microsoft Visual Studio or Borland's C++ Builder. but it has some significative differences essentially in its build system.

If you are starting programming directly on GNU/Linux, you have probably already heard of the Autotools. They are a major and probably a bit intimidating part of the development environment.

The goal of Anjuta is to make it easier to use the already existing development tools. Anjuta main build system uses the standard Linux build system: Autotools. This tutorial is an updated version of the Anjuta advanced tutorial from Olivier Pinçon. It explains how the build system is working without Anjuta and how to use it within Anjuta. It assumes that you have only a basic understanding of C or C++ and have been written using Anjuta 2.6 (September 2008).

If you find errors, need more explanations or have any idea for improvements on this tutorial or Anjuta in general, you can: