Code navigation using the symbol browser

Using the symbol browser

The symbol browser allows you to get an overview over the symbols used in your project. Symbols refers to variables, functions/methods and classes here and the exact definition depends on the programming language used.

The symbol browser has three tabs:

  • File shows the symbols of the current file in the editor

  • Project shows all symbols of the project

  • Search lets you search the symbols in the project (use Ctrl+L to jump directly to the search box)

Double click on jumps to the definition of the symbol in the editor.

Navigating in the editor

In the Goto popup-menu of the editor there two items that help you to quickly navigate through the source code:

  • Symbol definition

  • Symbol declaration

If you want to go back to the position in the editor where you used the shown items in the Goto menu you can use the Previous history (and Next history) items in the same menu.