Autocompletion and calltips


Autocompletion automatically suggests functions and other code symbols after you start typing by trying to match existing symbols with the first characters typed. It will popup a drop-down menu where you can select a match by using the Enter key. Normally this happens automatically after you typed the third (non-whitespace) character but you can also force it by using the Edit ▸ Auto-Complete menu item.

Anjuta supports autocompletion for code written in C/C++, Vala, Javascript and Python. Note that autocompletion can only work if anjuta knows about the symbols used. If you are using C/C++ libraries that are not configured using pkg-config and/or not added to the project configuration, anjuta won't be able to find those symbols and autocompletion might not work.

In addition some syntax might be too complex for the integrated parser and it might not be able to detect which completion is required

Effective coding using calltips

As it is usually quite hard to remember the signature of every method or function used in a project, the editor will automatically display a small tooltip whenever you type '(' after a function name and show you the signature.