Anjuta is a versatile Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the GNOME desktop. It features a number of advanced programming facilities including project management, application wizards, interactive debugging, integrated Glade UI designer, integrated Devhelp API help, class generator, powerful source editor, symbols browsing, Git support, C/C++, Python and Vala support and more.

Anjuta has a flexible and advanced docking system that allows you to lay out all the views in whatever way you like. You can drag and drop the views using drag bars and rearrange the layout.

Anjuta has been designed to be simple to operate yet powerful enough to fulfill all your programming needs. We have added many new features to Anjuta over the course of its development. Our focus is on delivering power and usability at the same time and making your software development enjoyable without overloading your senses. We intend to continue improving and stabilizing Anjuta to give you the best IDE experience possible.

We hope you will have a good time using Anjuta. If not, please help us make it better by reporting bugs and suggestions - this will help to improve the software, as well as helping the open source community.

The following screenshot illustrates some of the things you will find in Anjuta.

Anjuta in action

Anjuta main window
Anjuta main window