Import a Project

Anjuta does not have its own project format. It loads projects using already existing formats, like makefile or autotools, and does not require that other developers use it. Anjuta's own settings are stored in a file with the .anjuta extension and a hidden directory created in the project directory. To use a project in Anjuta and create these settings files, you will need to import the project. This will not modify any project files.

  1. From the main menu, select File ▸ New ▸ Project from Existing Sources or Project from Existing Sources from the drop-down list of the New button in the top tool bar to start the project wizard.

  2. Select Import from folder if the project is already present on your computer, then select the project directory.

    Or Select Import from version control system if the project needs to be checked out from a server. Then select the version control system, the server address and the destination directory on your computer.

  3. After selecting an existing project, the Project name text box should be filled with the name of the project's directory, but you can change it. When it's done, click on the Import button to download the project if needed and create the files needed by Anjuta.

  4. Anjuta tries to automatically find the project backend used by your project. But if several backends are possible, you will get a dialog asking you to choose a project backend plugin. Read the project backend description to find out which one to choose.