Create a Project

New projects are created from templates. Anjuta will ask you for various information, like the type of the project, its name and more.

  1. From the main menu, select File ▸ New ▸ Project.

    Or from the drop-down list of the New button in the top tool bar, select Project to start the project wizard.

  2. Select the icon representing the type of the project you want to create and click on Forward.

    Leave the mouse over a project icon for a second and a small pop-up message will appear showing more information about this type of project.

  3. Depending on the selected project type, you will have to enter different information. When you are done, click on Forward.

    All informations are grouped in pages, typically you will have to fill two or three pages. You can go back at any time using the button Back.

    Keep the mouse over the button or typing area for a second to get a small pop-up message with more details about the corresponding setting.

  4. After filling out all the information pages, you will get a summary page listing the main information about your project. Nothing has been written to your disk yet at this point. Click on Apply to save the project and open it in Anjuta.

Each project type corresponds to a template. Anjuta already includes several templates but you can add custom ones and even write your own.