SPI Main Event Loop and Registry
SPI main loop and initialization
Event Listener Support
Registry queries
AccessibleApplication Methods
AccessibleApplication API — The interface implemented by the topmost Accessible in an application's hierarchy of Accessible objects.
Basic Accessible Object Methods and Interface Query
Accessible Objects — The base accessibility interface which all accessible objects implement.
AccessibleRelations and RelationSets
State and StateSets
Subinterface Methods
AccessibleAction Interface — The interface implemented by interface elements which are 'actionable' by the user.
AccessibleComponent Interface — An interface implemented by objects which occupy area on screen.
AccessibleDocument Interface
AccessibleEditableText Interface — An interface which allows editable text fields to be programmatically manipulated.
AccessibleHypertext Interface
AccessibleImage Interface
AccessibleSelection Interface
AccessibleStreamableContent Interface
AccessibleTable Interface
AccessibleText Interface
AccessibleValue Interface — An interface implemented by valuators, sliders, and other onscren components which allow discrete or continuous values to be manipulated.
Auxiliary Types
AccessibleHyperlink Interface