for Clutter 1.26.2

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I. Overview
II. Building Clutter
III. Running Clutter
IV. Clutter Core Reference
Abstract classes and interfaces
ClutterActor — The basic element of the scene graph
ClutterContainer — An interface for container actors
ClutterChildMeta — Wrapper for actors inside a container
ClutterMedia — An interface for controlling playback of media data
ClutterLayoutManager — Layout managers base class
ClutterLayoutMeta — Wrapper for actors inside a layout manager
ClutterActorMeta — Base class of actor modifiers
ClutterAction — Abstract class for event-related logic
ClutterConstraint — Abstract class for constraints on position or size
ClutterEffect — Base class for actor effects
ClutterContent — Delegate for painting the content of an actor
Base actors
ClutterStage — Top level visual element to which actors are placed.
ClutterClone — An actor that displays a clone of a source actor
ClutterText — An actor for displaying and editing text
ClutterScrollActor — An actor for displaying a portion of its children
Layout managers
ClutterFixedLayout — A fixed layout manager
ClutterBinLayout — A simple layout manager
ClutterFlowLayout — A reflowing layout manager
ClutterBoxLayout — A layout manager arranging children on a single line
ClutterGridLayout — A layout manager for a grid of actors
ClutterClickAction — Action for clickable actors
ClutterDragAction — Action enabling dragging on actors
ClutterDropAction — An action for drop targets
ClutterGestureAction — Action for gesture gestures
ClutterPanAction — Action for pan gestures
ClutterSwipeAction — Action for swipe gestures
ClutterRotateAction — Action to rotate an actor
ClutterZoomAction — Action enabling zooming on actors
ClutterTapAction — Action for tap gestures
ClutterAlignConstraint — A constraint aligning the position of an actor
ClutterBindConstraint — A constraint binding the position or size of an actor
ClutterPathConstraint — A constraint that follows a path
ClutterSnapConstraint — A constraint snapping two actors together
ClutterOffscreenEffect — Base class for effects using offscreen buffers
ClutterShaderEffect — Base class for shader effects
ClutterDeformEffect — A base class for effects deforming the geometry of an actor
ClutterBlurEffect — A blur effect
ClutterBrightnessContrastEffect — Increase/decrease brightness and/or contrast of actor.
ClutterColorizeEffect — A colorization effect
ClutterDesaturateEffect — A desaturation effect
ClutterPageTurnEffect — A page turning effect
ClutterCanvas — Content for 2D painting
ClutterImage — Image data content
Paint Objects
ClutterPaintNode — Paint objects
Paint Nodes — ClutterPaintNode implementations
V. Clutter Animation Framework
Base classes
ClutterTimeline — A class for time-based events
Value intervals — An object holding an interval of two values
ClutterAnimatable — Interface for animatable classes
ClutterTransition — Transition between two values
ClutterPropertyTransition — Property transitions
ClutterKeyframeTransition — Keyframe property transition
ClutterTransitionGroup — Group transitions together
VI. Clutter Tools
General purpose API
Colors — Color management and manipulation.
Key Bindings — Pool for key bindings
ClutterDeviceManager — Maintains the list of input devices
Events — User and window system events
Features — Run-time detection of Clutter features
Base geometric types — Common geometric data types used by Clutter
ClutterInputDevice — An input device managed by Clutter
General — Various 'global' Clutter functions.
ClutterPath — An object describing a path with straight lines and bezier curves.
ClutterSettings — Settings configuration
Stage Manager — Maintains the list of stages
ClutterTextBuffer — Text buffer for ClutterText
Unit conversion — A logical distance unit
Cairo integration — Functions for interoperating with Cairo
Utilities — Utility functions
Versioning Macros — Versioning utility macros
User interface definition
ClutterScript — Loads a scene from UI definition data
ClutterScriptable — Override the UI definition parsing
Generic list model
ClutterModel — A generic model implementation
ClutterModelIter — Iterates through a model
ClutterListModel — List model implementation
VII. Clutter Backends
ClutterBackend — Backend abstraction
X11 Specific Support — X11 specific API
ClutterX11TexturePixmap — A texture which displays the content of an X Pixmap.
ClutterGLXTexturePixmap — A texture which displays the content of an X Pixmap
Win32 Specific Support — Win32 specific API
EGL Specific Support — EGL specific API
Intel CE3100, CE4100 Specific Support — Intel CE3100, CE4100 Specific API
GDK Specific Support — GDK specific API
Wayland specific support — Wayland specific API
Wayland compositor specific support — Wayland compositor specific APIs
ClutterWaylandSurface — An actor which displays the content of a client surface
clutter-mir — Mir specific API
VIII. Accessibility
Base Classes
CallyActor — Implementation of the ATK interfaces for ClutterActor
CallyGroup — Implementation of the ATK interfaces for a ClutterGroup
CallyStage — Implementation of the ATK interfaces for a ClutterStage
CallyTexture — Implementation of the ATK interfaces for a ClutterTexture
CallyRectangle — Implementation of the ATK interfaces for a ClutterRectangle
CallyText — Implementation of the ATK interfaces for a ClutterText
CallyClone — Implementation of the ATK interfaces for a ClutterClone
Utility API
Cally — Cally initialization methods.
CallyUtilAtkUtil implementation
CallyRoot — Root object for the Cally toolkit
IX. Migrating from previous version of Clutter
Migrating from ClutterEffect
Using clutter_actor_animate()
Migrating to ClutterPath
Creating a ClutterPath
Iterating over a ClutterPath
Integration with Cairo
Migrating from ClutterBehaviour
Migrating from ClutterAnimation
Migrating clutter_actor_animate()
X. Deprecated Classes
ClutterAlpha — A class for calculating a value as a function of time
Implicit Animations — Simple implicit animations
ClutterAnimator — Multi-actor tweener
ClutterBehaviour — Class for providing behaviours to actors
ClutterBehaviourDepth — A behaviour controlling the Z position
ClutterBehaviourEllipse — A behaviour interpolating position along an ellipse
ClutterBehaviourOpacity — A behaviour controlling opacity
ClutterBehaviourPath — A behaviour for moving actors along a ClutterPath
ClutterBehaviourRotate — A behaviour controlling rotation
ClutterBehaviourScale — A behaviour controlling scale
ClutterBox — A Generic layout container
ClutterCairoTexture — Texture with Cairo integration
ClutterGroup — A fixed layout container
ClutterRectangle — An actor that displays a simple rectangle.
ClutterScore — Controller for multiple timelines
Shaders — Programmable pipeline abstraction
ClutterState — State machine with animated transitions
ClutterTableLayout — A layout manager arranging children in rows and columns
ClutterTexture — An actor for displaying and manipulating images.
XI. Clutter Actors and Objects
Object Hierarchy
Object Index
XII. Glossaries
Annotation Glossary
Index of all symbols
A. License