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CoglAngle, typedef in Fixed Point API
cogl_angle_cos, function in Fixed Point API
COGL_ANGLE_FROM_DEG, macro in Fixed Point API
COGL_ANGLE_FROM_DEGX, macro in Fixed Point API
cogl_angle_sin, function in Fixed Point API
cogl_angle_tan, function in Fixed Point API
COGL_ANGLE_TO_DEG, macro in Fixed Point API
COGL_ANGLE_TO_DEGX, macro in Fixed Point API
CoglAttributeType, enum in General API


cogl_begin_gl, function in General API
CoglBitmap, struct in Bitmaps
CoglBitmapError, enum in Bitmaps
COGL_BITMAP_ERROR, macro in Bitmaps
cogl_bitmap_get_size_from_file, function in Bitmaps
cogl_bitmap_new_from_file, function in Bitmaps
CoglBlendStringError, enum in Materials
COGL_BLEND_STRING_ERROR, macro in Materials
CoglBufferAccess, enum in Buffers
CoglBufferBit, enum in General API
CoglBufferTarget, enum in General API
CoglBufferUpdateHint, enum in Buffers
cogl_buffer_get_size, function in Buffers
cogl_buffer_get_update_hint, function in Buffers
cogl_buffer_map, function in Buffers
cogl_buffer_set_data, function in Buffers
cogl_buffer_set_update_hint, function in Buffers
cogl_buffer_unmap, function in Buffers


cogl_check_extension, function in General API (Deprecated)
cogl_clear, function in General API
cogl_clip_ensure, function in Clipping (Deprecated)
cogl_clip_pop, function in Clipping
cogl_clip_push, function in Clipping (Deprecated)
cogl_clip_push_rectangle, function in Clipping
cogl_clip_push_window_rect, function in Clipping (Deprecated)
cogl_clip_push_window_rectangle, function in Clipping
cogl_clip_stack_restore, function in Clipping (Deprecated)
cogl_clip_stack_save, function in Clipping (Deprecated)
CoglColor, struct in Color Type
cogl_color_copy, function in Color Type
cogl_color_equal, function in Color Type
cogl_color_free, function in Color Type
cogl_color_get_alpha, function in Color Type
cogl_color_get_alpha_byte, function in Color Type
cogl_color_get_alpha_float, function in Color Type
cogl_color_get_blue, function in Color Type
cogl_color_get_blue_byte, function in Color Type
cogl_color_get_blue_float, function in Color Type
cogl_color_get_green, function in Color Type
cogl_color_get_green_byte, function in Color Type
cogl_color_get_green_float, function in Color Type
cogl_color_get_red, function in Color Type
cogl_color_get_red_byte, function in Color Type
cogl_color_get_red_float, function in Color Type
cogl_color_init_from_4f, function in Color Type
cogl_color_init_from_4fv, function in Color Type
cogl_color_init_from_4ub, function in Color Type
cogl_color_init_from_hsl, function in Color Type
cogl_color_new, function in Color Type
cogl_color_premultiply, function in Color Type
cogl_color_set_alpha, function in Color Type
cogl_color_set_alpha_byte, function in Color Type
cogl_color_set_alpha_float, function in Color Type
cogl_color_set_blue, function in Color Type
cogl_color_set_blue_byte, function in Color Type
cogl_color_set_blue_float, function in Color Type
cogl_color_set_from_4f, function in Color Type
cogl_color_set_from_4ub, function in Color Type
cogl_color_set_green, function in Color Type
cogl_color_set_green_byte, function in Color Type
cogl_color_set_green_float, function in Color Type
cogl_color_set_red, function in Color Type
cogl_color_set_red_byte, function in Color Type
cogl_color_set_red_float, function in Color Type
cogl_color_to_hsl, function in Color Type
cogl_color_unpremultiply, function in Color Type
cogl_create_program, function in Shaders and Programmable Pipeline
cogl_create_shader, function in Shaders and Programmable Pipeline


CoglDepthState, struct in cogl-depth-state
cogl_depth_state_get_range, function in cogl-depth-state
cogl_depth_state_get_test_enabled, function in cogl-depth-state
cogl_depth_state_get_test_function, function in cogl-depth-state
cogl_depth_state_init, function in cogl-depth-state
cogl_depth_state_set_range, function in cogl-depth-state
cogl_depth_state_set_test_enabled, function in cogl-depth-state
cogl_depth_state_set_test_function, function in cogl-depth-state
cogl_disable_fog, function in General API


cogl_end_gl, function in General API
CoglEuler, struct in Eulers (Rotations)
cogl_euler_copy, function in Eulers (Rotations)
cogl_euler_equal, function in Eulers (Rotations)
cogl_euler_free, function in Eulers (Rotations)
cogl_euler_init, function in Eulers (Rotations)
cogl_euler_init_from_matrix, function in Eulers (Rotations)
cogl_euler_init_from_quaternion, function in Eulers (Rotations)


CoglFeatureFlags, enum in General API
cogl_features_available, function in General API
CoglFixed, typedef in Fixed Point API
COGL_FIXED_0_5, macro in Fixed Point API
COGL_FIXED_1, macro in Fixed Point API
COGL_FIXED_120, macro in Fixed Point API
COGL_FIXED_180, macro in Fixed Point API
COGL_FIXED_240, macro in Fixed Point API
COGL_FIXED_255, macro in Fixed Point API
COGL_FIXED_270, macro in Fixed Point API
COGL_FIXED_2_PI, macro in Fixed Point API
COGL_FIXED_30, macro in Fixed Point API
COGL_FIXED_360, macro in Fixed Point API
COGL_FIXED_45, macro in Fixed Point API
COGL_FIXED_60, macro in Fixed Point API
COGL_FIXED_90, macro in Fixed Point API
cogl_fixed_atan, function in Fixed Point API
cogl_fixed_atan2, function in Fixed Point API
COGL_FIXED_BITS, macro in Fixed Point API
COGL_FIXED_CEIL, macro in Fixed Point API
cogl_fixed_cos, function in Fixed Point API
COGL_FIXED_DIV, macro in Fixed Point API
cogl_fixed_div, function in Fixed Point API
COGL_FIXED_EPSILON, macro in Fixed Point API
COGL_FIXED_FAST_DIV, macro in Fixed Point API
COGL_FIXED_FAST_MUL, macro in Fixed Point API
COGL_FIXED_FLOOR, macro in Fixed Point API
COGL_FIXED_FRACTION, macro in Fixed Point API
COGL_FIXED_FROM_DOUBLE, macro in Fixed Point API
COGL_FIXED_FROM_FLOAT, macro in Fixed Point API
COGL_FIXED_FROM_INT, macro in Fixed Point API
cogl_fixed_log2, function in Fixed Point API
COGL_FIXED_MAX, macro in Fixed Point API
COGL_FIXED_MIN, macro in Fixed Point API
COGL_FIXED_MUL, macro in Fixed Point API
cogl_fixed_mul, function in Fixed Point API
COGL_FIXED_MUL_DIV, macro in Fixed Point API
cogl_fixed_mul_div, function in Fixed Point API
COGL_FIXED_PI, macro in Fixed Point API
COGL_FIXED_PI_2, macro in Fixed Point API
COGL_FIXED_PI_4, macro in Fixed Point API
cogl_fixed_pow, function in Fixed Point API
cogl_fixed_pow2, function in Fixed Point API
COGL_FIXED_Q, macro in Fixed Point API
cogl_fixed_sin, function in Fixed Point API
cogl_fixed_sqrt, function in Fixed Point API
cogl_fixed_tan, function in Fixed Point API
COGL_FIXED_TO_DOUBLE, macro in Fixed Point API
COGL_FIXED_TO_FLOAT, macro in Fixed Point API
COGL_FIXED_TO_INT, macro in Fixed Point API
COGL_FLOAT_TO_INT, macro in Fixed Point API
COGL_FLOAT_TO_UINT, macro in Fixed Point API
cogl_flush, function in General API
CoglFogMode, enum in General API
cogl_frustum, function in General API
CoglFuncPtr, user_function in General API


cogl_get_backface_culling_enabled, function in General API
cogl_get_bitmasks, function in General API (Deprecated)
cogl_get_depth_test_enabled, function in General API (Deprecated)
cogl_get_features, function in General API
cogl_get_modelview_matrix, function in General API
cogl_get_option_group, function in General API
cogl_get_proc_address, function in General API
cogl_get_projection_matrix, function in General API
cogl_get_source, function in General API
cogl_get_static_identity_quaternion, function in Quaternions (Rotations)
cogl_get_static_zero_quaternion, function in Quaternions (Rotations)
cogl_get_viewport, function in General API
cogl_gtype_matrix_get_type, function in GType Integration API


CoglHandle, typedef in General API
cogl_handle_ref, function in General API
cogl_handle_unref, function in General API


CoglIndicesType, enum in Vertex Buffers
cogl_is_bitmap, function in Bitmaps
cogl_is_buffer, function in Buffers
cogl_is_material, function in Materials
cogl_is_offscreen, function in Offscreen Buffers
cogl_is_pixel_buffer, function in Buffers
cogl_is_program, function in Shaders and Programmable Pipeline
cogl_is_shader, function in Shaders and Programmable Pipeline
cogl_is_texture, function in Textures
cogl_is_texture_2d, function in 2D textures
cogl_is_texture_3d, function in 3D textures
cogl_is_vertex_buffer, function in Vertex Buffers
cogl_is_vertex_buffer_indices, function in Vertex Buffers


CoglMaterial, struct in Materials
CoglMaterialAlphaFunc, enum in Materials
CoglMaterialFilter, enum in Materials
CoglMaterialLayer, struct in Materials
CoglMaterialLayerCallback, user_function in Materials
CoglMaterialLayerType, enum in Materials
CoglMaterialWrapMode, enum in Materials
cogl_material_copy, function in Materials
cogl_material_foreach_layer, function in Materials
cogl_material_get_ambient, function in Materials
cogl_material_get_color, function in Materials
cogl_material_get_diffuse, function in Materials
cogl_material_get_emission, function in Materials
cogl_material_get_layers, function in Materials (Deprecated)
cogl_material_get_layer_point_sprite_coords_enabled, function in Materials
cogl_material_get_layer_wrap_mode_p, function in Materials
cogl_material_get_layer_wrap_mode_s, function in Materials
cogl_material_get_layer_wrap_mode_t, function in Materials
cogl_material_get_n_layers, function in Materials
cogl_material_get_point_size, function in Materials
cogl_material_get_shininess, function in Materials
cogl_material_get_specular, function in Materials
cogl_material_get_user_program, function in Materials
cogl_material_layer_get_mag_filter, function in Materials
cogl_material_layer_get_min_filter, function in Materials
cogl_material_layer_get_texture, function in Materials
cogl_material_layer_get_type, function in Materials
cogl_material_new, function in Materials
cogl_material_ref, function in Materials (Deprecated)
cogl_material_remove_layer, function in Materials
cogl_material_set_alpha_test_function, function in Materials
cogl_material_set_ambient, function in Materials
cogl_material_set_ambient_and_diffuse, function in Materials
cogl_material_set_blend, function in Materials
cogl_material_set_blend_constant, function in Materials
cogl_material_set_color, function in Materials
cogl_material_set_color4f, function in Materials
cogl_material_set_color4ub, function in Materials
cogl_material_set_diffuse, function in Materials
cogl_material_set_emission, function in Materials
cogl_material_set_layer, function in Materials
cogl_material_set_layer_combine, function in Materials
cogl_material_set_layer_combine_constant, function in Materials
cogl_material_set_layer_filters, function in Materials
cogl_material_set_layer_matrix, function in Materials
cogl_material_set_layer_point_sprite_coords_enabled, function in Materials
cogl_material_set_layer_wrap_mode, function in Materials
cogl_material_set_layer_wrap_mode_p, function in Materials
cogl_material_set_layer_wrap_mode_s, function in Materials
cogl_material_set_layer_wrap_mode_t, function in Materials
cogl_material_set_point_size, function in Materials
cogl_material_set_shininess, function in Materials
cogl_material_set_specular, function in Materials
cogl_material_set_user_program, function in Materials
cogl_material_unref, function in Materials (Deprecated)
cogl_material_wrap_mode_get_type, function in Materials
CoglMatrix, struct in Matrices
cogl_matrix_copy, function in Matrices
cogl_matrix_equal, function in Matrices
cogl_matrix_free, function in Matrices
cogl_matrix_frustum, function in Matrices
cogl_matrix_get_array, function in Matrices
cogl_matrix_get_inverse, function in Matrices
cogl_matrix_init_from_array, function in Matrices
cogl_matrix_init_identity, function in Matrices
cogl_matrix_is_identity, function in Matrices
cogl_matrix_multiply, function in Matrices
cogl_matrix_ortho, function in Matrices
cogl_matrix_perspective, function in Matrices
cogl_matrix_project_points, function in Matrices
cogl_matrix_rotate, function in Matrices
cogl_matrix_scale, function in Matrices
cogl_matrix_transform_point, function in Matrices
cogl_matrix_transform_points, function in Matrices
cogl_matrix_translate, function in Matrices
cogl_matrix_transpose, function in Matrices


CoglObject, struct in General API
cogl_object_get_user_data, function in General API
cogl_object_ref, function in General API
cogl_object_set_user_data, function in General API
cogl_object_unref, function in General API
cogl_offscreen_new_to_texture, function in Offscreen Buffers
cogl_offscreen_new_with_texture, function in Offscreen Buffers
cogl_offscreen_ref, function in Offscreen Buffers (Deprecated)
cogl_offscreen_unref, function in Offscreen Buffers (Deprecated)
cogl_ortho, function in General API


cogl_perspective, function in General API
CoglPixelFormat, enum in General API
cogl_pixel_buffer_new, function in Buffers
cogl_polygon, function in Primitives
cogl_pop_draw_buffer, function in Offscreen Buffers
cogl_pop_framebuffer, function in Offscreen Buffers
cogl_pop_matrix, function in General API
cogl_pop_source, function in General API
cogl_program_attach_shader, function in Shaders and Programmable Pipeline
cogl_program_get_uniform_location, function in Shaders and Programmable Pipeline
cogl_program_link, function in Shaders and Programmable Pipeline
cogl_program_ref, function in Shaders and Programmable Pipeline (Deprecated)
cogl_program_set_uniform_1f, function in Shaders and Programmable Pipeline
cogl_program_set_uniform_1i, function in Shaders and Programmable Pipeline
cogl_program_set_uniform_float, function in Shaders and Programmable Pipeline
cogl_program_set_uniform_int, function in Shaders and Programmable Pipeline
cogl_program_set_uniform_matrix, function in Shaders and Programmable Pipeline
cogl_program_uniform_1f, function in Shaders and Programmable Pipeline (Deprecated)
cogl_program_uniform_1i, function in Shaders and Programmable Pipeline (Deprecated)
cogl_program_uniform_float, function in Shaders and Programmable Pipeline (Deprecated)
cogl_program_uniform_int, function in Shaders and Programmable Pipeline (Deprecated)
cogl_program_uniform_matrix, function in Shaders and Programmable Pipeline (Deprecated)
cogl_program_unref, function in Shaders and Programmable Pipeline (Deprecated)
cogl_program_use, function in Shaders and Programmable Pipeline (Deprecated)
cogl_push_draw_buffer, function in Offscreen Buffers
cogl_push_framebuffer, function in Offscreen Buffers
cogl_push_matrix, function in General API
cogl_push_source, function in General API


CoglQuaternion, struct in Quaternions (Rotations)
cogl_quaternion_copy, function in Quaternions (Rotations)
cogl_quaternion_dot_product, function in Quaternions (Rotations)
cogl_quaternion_equal, function in Quaternions (Rotations)
cogl_quaternion_free, function in Quaternions (Rotations)
cogl_quaternion_get_rotation_angle, function in Quaternions (Rotations)
cogl_quaternion_get_rotation_axis, function in Quaternions (Rotations)
cogl_quaternion_init, function in Quaternions (Rotations)
cogl_quaternion_init_from_angle_vector, function in Quaternions (Rotations)
cogl_quaternion_init_from_array, function in Quaternions (Rotations)
cogl_quaternion_init_from_x_rotation, function in Quaternions (Rotations)
cogl_quaternion_init_from_y_rotation, function in Quaternions (Rotations)
cogl_quaternion_init_from_z_rotation, function in Quaternions (Rotations)
cogl_quaternion_init_identity, function in Quaternions (Rotations)
cogl_quaternion_invert, function in Quaternions (Rotations)
cogl_quaternion_multiply, function in Quaternions (Rotations)
cogl_quaternion_nlerp, function in Quaternions (Rotations)
cogl_quaternion_normalize, function in Quaternions (Rotations)
cogl_quaternion_pow, function in Quaternions (Rotations)
cogl_quaternion_slerp, function in Quaternions (Rotations)
cogl_quaternion_squad, function in Quaternions (Rotations)


CoglReadPixelsFlags, enum in General API
cogl_read_pixels, function in General API
cogl_rectangle, function in Primitives
cogl_rectangles, function in Primitives
cogl_rectangles_with_texture_coords, function in Primitives
cogl_rectangle_with_multitexture_coords, function in Primitives
cogl_rectangle_with_texture_coords, function in Primitives
cogl_rotate, function in General API


cogl_scale, function in General API
cogl_set_backface_culling_enabled, function in General API
cogl_set_depth_test_enabled, function in General API (Deprecated)
cogl_set_draw_buffer, function in Offscreen Buffers
cogl_set_fog, function in General API
cogl_set_framebuffer, function in Offscreen Buffers
cogl_set_modelview_matrix, function in General API
cogl_set_projection_matrix, function in General API
cogl_set_source, function in General API
cogl_set_source_color, function in General API
cogl_set_source_color4f, function in General API
cogl_set_source_color4ub, function in General API
cogl_set_source_texture, function in General API
cogl_set_viewport, function in General API
CoglShaderType, enum in Shaders and Programmable Pipeline
cogl_shader_compile, function in Shaders and Programmable Pipeline
cogl_shader_get_info_log, function in Shaders and Programmable Pipeline
cogl_shader_get_type, function in Shaders and Programmable Pipeline
cogl_shader_is_compiled, function in Shaders and Programmable Pipeline
cogl_shader_ref, function in Shaders and Programmable Pipeline (Deprecated)
cogl_shader_source, function in Shaders and Programmable Pipeline
cogl_shader_unref, function in Shaders and Programmable Pipeline (Deprecated)
cogl_sqrti, function in Fixed Point API
COGL_SQRTI_ARG_10_PERCENT, macro in Fixed Point API
COGL_SQRTI_ARG_5_PERCENT, macro in Fixed Point API
COGL_SQRTI_ARG_MAX, macro in Fixed Point API


CoglTexture2D, struct in 2D textures
CoglTextureFlags, enum in Textures
CoglTextureVertex, struct in Textures
cogl_texture_2d_gl_new_from_foreign, function in 2D textures
cogl_texture_2d_new_from_data, function in 2D textures
cogl_texture_2d_new_with_size, function in 2D textures
cogl_texture_3d_new_from_data, function in 3D textures
cogl_texture_3d_new_with_size, function in 3D textures
cogl_texture_get_data, function in Textures
cogl_texture_get_format, function in Textures
cogl_texture_get_gl_texture, function in Textures
cogl_texture_get_height, function in Textures
cogl_texture_get_max_waste, function in Textures
cogl_texture_get_rowstride, function in Textures
cogl_texture_get_width, function in Textures
cogl_texture_is_sliced, function in Textures
cogl_texture_new_from_bitmap, function in Textures
cogl_texture_new_from_data, function in Textures
cogl_texture_new_from_file, function in Textures
cogl_texture_new_from_foreign, function in Textures
cogl_texture_new_from_sub_texture, function in Textures
cogl_texture_new_with_size, function in Textures
cogl_texture_ref, function in Textures (Deprecated)
cogl_texture_set_region, function in Textures
cogl_texture_unref, function in Textures (Deprecated)
cogl_transform, function in General API
cogl_translate, function in General API


CoglUserDataKey, struct in General API


cogl_vector3_add, function in Vectors
cogl_vector3_copy, function in Vectors
cogl_vector3_cross_product, function in Vectors
cogl_vector3_distance, function in Vectors
cogl_vector3_divide_scalar, function in Vectors
cogl_vector3_dot_product, function in Vectors
cogl_vector3_equal, function in Vectors
cogl_vector3_equal_with_epsilon, function in Vectors
cogl_vector3_free, function in Vectors
cogl_vector3_init, function in Vectors
cogl_vector3_init_zero, function in Vectors
cogl_vector3_invert, function in Vectors
cogl_vector3_magnitude, function in Vectors
cogl_vector3_multiply_scalar, function in Vectors
cogl_vector3_normalize, function in Vectors
cogl_vector3_subtract, function in Vectors
cogl_vertex_buffer_add, function in Vertex Buffers
cogl_vertex_buffer_delete, function in Vertex Buffers
cogl_vertex_buffer_disable, function in Vertex Buffers
cogl_vertex_buffer_draw, function in Vertex Buffers
cogl_vertex_buffer_draw_elements, function in Vertex Buffers
cogl_vertex_buffer_enable, function in Vertex Buffers
cogl_vertex_buffer_get_n_vertices, function in Vertex Buffers
cogl_vertex_buffer_indices_get_for_quads, function in Vertex Buffers
cogl_vertex_buffer_indices_new, function in Vertex Buffers
cogl_vertex_buffer_new, function in Vertex Buffers
cogl_vertex_buffer_ref, function in Vertex Buffers (Deprecated)
cogl_vertex_buffer_submit, function in Vertex Buffers
cogl_vertex_buffer_unref, function in Vertex Buffers (Deprecated)
CoglVerticesMode, enum in Vertex Buffers
cogl_viewport, function in General API (Deprecated)