Index of new symbols in 1.4


CoglBitmapError, enum in Bitmaps
COGL_BITMAP_ERROR, macro in Bitmaps


cogl_color_init_from_4f, function in Color Type
cogl_color_init_from_4fv, function in Color Type
cogl_color_init_from_4ub, function in Color Type
cogl_color_set_alpha, function in Color Type
cogl_color_set_alpha_byte, function in Color Type
cogl_color_set_alpha_float, function in Color Type
cogl_color_set_blue, function in Color Type
cogl_color_set_blue_byte, function in Color Type
cogl_color_set_blue_float, function in Color Type
cogl_color_set_green, function in Color Type
cogl_color_set_green_byte, function in Color Type
cogl_color_set_green_float, function in Color Type
cogl_color_set_red, function in Color Type
cogl_color_set_red_byte, function in Color Type
cogl_color_set_red_float, function in Color Type
cogl_color_unpremultiply, function in Color Type


cogl_is_texture_3d, function in 3D textures
cogl_is_vertex_buffer_indices, function in Vertex Buffers


CoglMaterialLayerCallback, user_function in Materials
CoglMaterialWrapMode, enum in Materials
cogl_material_foreach_layer, function in Materials
cogl_material_get_layer_point_sprite_coords_enabled, function in Materials
cogl_material_get_point_size, function in Materials
cogl_material_get_user_program, function in Materials
cogl_material_set_layer_point_sprite_coords_enabled, function in Materials
cogl_material_set_layer_wrap_mode, function in Materials
cogl_material_set_layer_wrap_mode_p, function in Materials
cogl_material_set_layer_wrap_mode_s, function in Materials
cogl_material_set_layer_wrap_mode_t, function in Materials
cogl_material_set_point_size, function in Materials
cogl_material_set_user_program, function in Materials
cogl_matrix_equal, function in Matrices


cogl_object_get_user_data, function in General API
cogl_object_set_user_data, function in General API


cogl_program_set_uniform_1f, function in Shaders and Programmable Pipeline
cogl_program_set_uniform_1i, function in Shaders and Programmable Pipeline
cogl_program_set_uniform_float, function in Shaders and Programmable Pipeline
cogl_program_set_uniform_int, function in Shaders and Programmable Pipeline
cogl_program_set_uniform_matrix, function in Shaders and Programmable Pipeline


cogl_transform, function in General API


CoglUserDataKey, struct in General API


cogl_vector3_add, function in Vectors
cogl_vector3_copy, function in Vectors
cogl_vector3_cross_product, function in Vectors
cogl_vector3_distance, function in Vectors
cogl_vector3_divide_scalar, function in Vectors
cogl_vector3_dot_product, function in Vectors
cogl_vector3_equal, function in Vectors
cogl_vector3_equal_with_epsilon, function in Vectors
cogl_vector3_free, function in Vectors
cogl_vector3_init, function in Vectors
cogl_vector3_init_zero, function in Vectors
cogl_vector3_invert, function in Vectors
cogl_vector3_magnitude, function in Vectors
cogl_vector3_multiply_scalar, function in Vectors
cogl_vector3_normalize, function in Vectors
cogl_vector3_subtract, function in Vectors