EphyTreeModelSort — A GtkTreeModelSort wrapper

Object Hierarchy


Implemented Interfaces

EphyTreeModelSort implements GtkTreeModel, GtkTreeSortable, GtkTreeDragSource and EggTreeMultiDragSource.


EphyTreeModelSort is a simple wrapper for models, it implements some extra functionalities like drag and dropping, mostly relevant to Epiphany only.


struct EphyTreeModelSort

struct EphyTreeModelSort;

ephy_tree_model_sort_new ()

GtkTreeModel *      ephy_tree_model_sort_new            (GtkTreeModel *child_model);

Creates a new EphyTreeModelSort around child_model.

child_model :

model to wrap

Returns :

a new EphyTreeModelSort, as a GtkWidget

ephy_tree_model_sort_set_base_drag_column_id ()

void                ephy_tree_model_sort_set_base_drag_column_id
                                                        (EphyTreeModelSort *ms,
                                                         int id);

Sets id as the column for the base drag data

ms :

an EphyTreeModelSort

id :

base drag column id

ephy_tree_model_sort_set_extra_drag_column_id ()

void                ephy_tree_model_sort_set_extra_drag_column_id
                                                        (EphyTreeModelSort *ms,
                                                         int id);

Sets id as the column for extra drag data.

ms :

an EphyTreeModelSort

id :

extra drag column id