EphyZoomAction — A GtkAction implementing a zoom control

Object Hierarchy


Implemented Interfaces

EphyZoomAction implements GtkBuildable.


  "zoom"                     gfloat                : Read / Write


  "zoom-to-level"                                  : Run First


EphyZoomAction implements a GtkAction able to control the zoom level.


struct EphyZoomAction

struct EphyZoomAction;

ephy_zoom_action_set_zoom_level ()

void                ephy_zoom_action_set_zoom_level     (EphyZoomAction *action,
                                                         float zoom);

Sets the zoom level of action.

action :

an EphyZoomAction

zoom :

the new value for the zoom level

ephy_zoom_action_get_zoom_level ()

float               ephy_zoom_action_get_zoom_level     (EphyZoomAction *action);

Get the current zoom level of action.

action :

an EphyZoomControl

Returns :

the zoom level as a float

Property Details

The "zoom" property

  "zoom"                     gfloat                : Read / Write

The current value of EphyZoomAction, as a float.

Allowed values: [0.707107,4]

Default value: 1

Signal Details

The "zoom-to-level" signal

void                user_function                      (EphyZoomAction *action,
                                                        gfloat          level,
                                                        gpointer        user_data)      : Run First

Emitted when the user changes the value of the EphyZoomAction.

action :

the object on which the signal is emitted

level :

new zoom level

user_data :

user data set when the signal handler was connected.