Part II. Core API

Table of Contents

Core API
Version Information — Macros to check the libgdata version
GDataService — GData service object
GDataQuery — GData query object
GDataFeed — GData feed object
GDataEntry — GData entry object
GData Types — miscellaneous data types
GDataParsable — GData parsable object
GDataDownloadStream — GData download stream object
GDataUploadStream — GData upload stream object
GDataComparable — GData comparable interface
Access Control List API
GDataAccessHandler — GData access handler interface
GDataAccessRule — GData access rule object
Batch Operation API
GDataBatchable — GData batch service interface
GDataBatchOperation — GData batch operation object
Authentication/Authorization API
GDataAuthorizer — GData authorization interface
GDataAuthorizationDomain — GData authorization domain
GDataClientLoginAuthorizer — GData ClientLogin authorization interface
GDataGoaAuthorizer — GData GOA authorization interface
GDataOAuth1Authorizer — GData OAuth 1.0 authorization interface
GDataOAuth2Authorizer — GData OAuth 2.0 authorization interface
Comment API
GDataCommentable — GData commentable interface
GDataComment — GData comment object