Event Structures

Event Structures — Data structures specific to each type of event

Types and Values

union GdkEvent
struct GdkEventAny
struct GdkEventKey
struct GdkEventButton
struct GdkEventTouch
struct GdkEventScroll
struct GdkEventMotion
struct GdkEventExpose
struct GdkEventVisibility
struct GdkEventCrossing
struct GdkEventFocus
struct GdkEventConfigure
struct GdkEventProperty
struct GdkEventSelection
struct GdkEventDND
struct GdkEventProximity
struct GdkEventWindowState
struct GdkEventSetting
struct GdkEventOwnerChange
struct GdkEventGrabBroken
struct GdkEventTouchpadSwipe
struct GdkEventTouchpadPinch
struct GdkEventPadButton
struct GdkEventPadAxis
struct GdkEventPadGroupMode
enum GdkScrollDirection
enum GdkVisibilityState
enum GdkCrossingMode
enum GdkNotifyType
enum GdkPropertyState
enum GdkWindowState
enum GdkSettingAction
enum GdkOwnerChange


#include <gdk/gdk.h>


The event structures contain data specific to each type of event in GDK.

A common mistake is to forget to set the event mask of a widget so that the required events are received. See gtk_widget_set_events().