Section Headings

A section heading summarizes the information in the associated information block. Use section headings to divide a large body of information into logical chunks.

2.1.1. Guidelines for Writing Section Headings

Use the following guidelines to write section headings:

  • Use a level-one heading to start a broad subject area. Level-one headings are typically generic titles, such as Basic Skills, Getting Started, and so on.

  • Use level-two, level-three, and level-four headings to chunk information into easy-to-identify sections. Use specific titles that summarize the information in the associated sections.

  • Do not use more than four heading levels.

  • Limit the use of level-four headings.

  • Try to have at least two headings within a section.

  • Keep headings short.

  • Use parallel construction in headings of the same level. For example, if you use a gerund to start one heading, use a gerund to start all headings of the same level in the section.


    To Open a File

    To Save a File

    To Edit a File


    Opening a File

    To Save a File

    Edit a File

  • Avoid starting a heading with an article.

    Correct: Nautilus File Manager
    Incorrect: The Nautilus File Manager