Jump Lists

A jump list is a bulleted list of cross-references to the subsections in a chapter or section. Jump lists provide a navigational aid for the reader. For online documents, use hyperlinks for the cross-references.

2.2.1. Guidelines for Writing Jump Lists

Use the following guidelines to write jump lists:

  • Use jump lists consistently in your document. If you use a jump list at the start of one chapter or section, use a jump list at the start of every equivalent section.
  • Use the exact title of the section you are referencing as the text of the jump list item.
  • Keep all of the items in a jump list on the same page if possible.
  • Do not mix heading levels in the jump list. For example, if a chapter contains level-one, level-two, and level-three headings, only list the level-one headings in the jump list at the start of the chapter.