Terminology Considerations for Translation

Translators or readers can sometimes misinterpret your text, for example if you use synonyms for the same concept. Use the following guidelines to avoid common areas of misinterpretation:

  • Use terms that are defined in the http://www.bartleby.com/61/.
  • Use terms that are defined in Appendix A ― Recommended Terminology.
  • Define new terms the first time that they appear in text. If your manual has a glossary, then you should include the new terms in the glossary. You should also include the new term in Appendix A ― Recommended Terminology. Contact Eugene O'Connor with your suggestions for new terms.
  • Do not use terms that are jargon or slang.
  • Do not use terms that have several different meanings.
  • Use your defined terms consistently throughout your documentation. Do not use synonyms.
  • Do not use the same word for several different meanings.
  • Ensure that your spelling is correct. Use the http://www.bartleby.com/61/ as your standard for spelling. Use your spellchecker. Work with a copy editor whenever possible.
  • Use consistent uppercase and lowercase rules throughout your documentation.
  • Avoid general adjectives that a translator can interpret in several ways. For example, the user-friendly GNOME Desktop. A translator has to decide whether GNOME is user-friendly, or the Desktop.