Window Terminology

A window is a rectangular frame that displays a particular application. Typically, applications have one main window from which users can open secondary windows, called dialogs. Use the terminology shown in Figure 7-3 when you write about windows.

Figure 7-3Window Terminology

A window frame is a border around a window. You can use the window frame to perform various actions on the window. In particular, the titlebar contains various active control elements. Use the terminology shown in Figure 7-4 when you write about window frames and the elements in window frames.

Figure 7-4Window Frame Terminology

A pane is a subdivision of a window. For example, a Nautilus window can contain two panes: a side pane and a view pane. Figure 7-5 shows panes in an Evolution Inbox window.

Figure 7-5Window Pane Terminology

For more detailed information on window terms, see Appendix A ― Recommended Terminology.