Index of new symbols in 2.16


g_assert_cmpfloat, macro in Testing
g_assert_cmphex, macro in Testing
g_assert_cmpint, macro in Testing
g_assert_cmpstr, macro in Testing
g_assert_cmpuint, macro in Testing
g_async_queue_new_full, function in Asynchronous Queues


GChecksum, struct in Data Checksums
GChecksumType, enum in Data Checksums
g_checksum_copy, function in Data Checksums
g_checksum_free, function in Data Checksums
g_checksum_get_digest, function in Data Checksums
g_checksum_get_string, function in Data Checksums
g_checksum_new, function in Data Checksums
g_checksum_type_get_length, function in Data Checksums
g_checksum_update, function in Data Checksums
g_compute_checksum_for_data, function in Data Checksums
g_compute_checksum_for_string, function in Data Checksums
C_, macro in I18N


g_dpgettext, function in I18N


g_format_size_for_display, function in Miscellaneous Utility Functions


g_hash_table_iter_get_hash_table, function in Hash Tables
g_hash_table_iter_init, function in Hash Tables
g_hash_table_iter_next, function in Hash Tables
g_hash_table_iter_remove, function in Hash Tables
g_hash_table_iter_steal, function in Hash Tables


g_markup_collect_attributes, function in Simple XML Subset Parser
g_markup_parse_context_get_element_stack, function in Simple XML Subset Parser


g_prefix_error, function in Error Reporting
g_propagate_prefixed_error, function in Error Reporting


g_strcmp0, function in String Utility Functions
g_string_append_uri_escaped, function in Strings


g_test_add, macro in Testing
g_test_add_data_func, function in Testing
g_test_add_func, function in Testing
g_test_bug, function in Testing
g_test_bug_base, function in Testing
g_test_create_case, function in Testing
g_test_create_suite, function in Testing
g_test_get_root, function in Testing
g_test_init, function in Testing
g_test_maximized_result, function in Testing
g_test_message, function in Testing
g_test_minimized_result, function in Testing
g_test_queue_destroy, function in Testing
g_test_queue_free, function in Testing
g_test_queue_unref, macro in Testing
g_test_rand_bit, macro in Testing
g_test_rand_double, function in Testing
g_test_rand_double_range, function in Testing
g_test_rand_int, function in Testing
g_test_rand_int_range, function in Testing
g_test_run, function in Testing
g_test_run_suite, function in Testing
g_test_suite_add, function in Testing
g_test_suite_add_suite, function in Testing
g_test_timer_elapsed, function in Testing
g_test_timer_last, function in Testing
g_test_timer_start, function in Testing
g_test_trap_assert_failed, macro in Testing
g_test_trap_assert_passed, macro in Testing
g_test_trap_assert_stderr, macro in Testing
g_test_trap_assert_stderr_unmatched, macro in Testing
g_test_trap_assert_stdout, macro in Testing
g_test_trap_assert_stdout_unmatched, macro in Testing
g_test_trap_fork, function in Testing
g_test_trap_has_passed, function in Testing
g_test_trap_reached_timeout, function in Testing


g_uri_escape_string, function in URI Functions
g_uri_parse_scheme, function in URI Functions
g_uri_unescape_segment, function in URI Functions
g_uri_unescape_string, function in URI Functions


g_warn_if_fail, macro in Warnings and Assertions
g_warn_if_reached, macro in Warnings and Assertions
g_win32_get_package_installation_directory_of_module, function in Windows Compatibility Functions