glibmm: Glib::Threads::RecMutex Class Reference

This represents a recursive mutex. More...

#include <glibmm/threads.h>


class  Lock
 Utility class for exception-safe locking of recursive mutexes. More...


Public Member Functions

 RecMutex ()
 RecMutex (const RecMutex&)=delete
RecMutexoperator= (const RecMutex&)=delete
 ~RecMutex ()
void lock ()
bool trylock ()
void unlock ()
GRecMutex* gobj ()

Related Functions

(Note that these are not member functions.)

RecMutexwrap (GRecMutex* gobject)
 A C++ wrapper for the C object. More...


Detailed Description

This represents a recursive mutex.

It is similar to a Mutex with the difference that it is possible to lock a RecMutex multiple times in the same thread without deadlock. When doing so, care has to be taken to unlock the recursive mutex as often as it has been locked.

Please use std::recursive_mutex instead.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Glib::Threads::RecMutex::RecMutex ( )
Glib::Threads::RecMutex::RecMutex ( const RecMutex )
Glib::Threads::RecMutex::~RecMutex ( )

Member Function Documentation

GRecMutex* Glib::Threads::RecMutex::gobj ( )
void Glib::Threads::RecMutex::lock ( )
RecMutex& Glib::Threads::RecMutex::operator= ( const RecMutex )
bool Glib::Threads::RecMutex::trylock ( )
void Glib::Threads::RecMutex::unlock ( )