for gspell 1.6.1

I. Introduction
II. API reference
Core Classes
GspellChecker — Spell checker
GspellLanguage — Language
Language Choosers
GspellLanguageChooser — Interface to choose a GspellLanguage
GspellLanguageChooserButton — Button to choose a GspellLanguage
GspellLanguageChooserDialog — Dialog to choose a GspellLanguage
Spell Checker Dialog
GspellCheckerDialog — Spell checker dialog
GspellNavigator — Interface to navigate through misspelled words
GtkTextView Support
GspellTextBuffer — Spell checking support for GtkTextBuffer
GspellTextView — Spell checking support for GtkTextView
GspellNavigatorTextView — A GspellNavigator implementation for GtkTextView
GtkEntry Support
GspellEntryBuffer — Spell checking support for GtkEntryBuffer
GspellEntry — Spell checking support for GtkEntry
III. Annexes
Object Hierarchy
Annotation Glossary
Index of all symbols