for Gtef 2.0.1

I. Introduction
II. API Reference
Main Classes
GtefApplication — An extension of GtkApplication
GtefApplicationWindow — An extension of GtkApplicationWindow
GtefTab — Contains a GtefView with GtkInfoBars on top
GtefView — Widget that displays a GtefBuffer
GtefBuffer — Stores the text for display in a GtefView
Actions and Menus
GtefActionInfo — GAction information
GtefActionInfoStore — A store of GtefActionInfo's
GtefActionInfoCentralStore — Aggregation of all GtefActionInfoStore's
GtefActionMap — GActionMap wrapper functions
GtefMenuItem — GtkMenuItem functions
GtefMenuShell — An extension of GtkMenuShell
File Loading and Saving
GtefEncoding — Character encoding
GtefFile — On-disk representation of a GtefBuffer
GtefFileLoader — Load a file into a GtefBuffer
GtefFileSaver — Save a GtefBuffer into a file
GtefFileMetadata — File metadata
GtefMetadataManager — Metadata support on platforms that don't support GVfs metadata
Code Folding
GtefFoldRegion — Foldable region in a GtkTextBuffer
GtefGutterRendererFolds — Basic gutter renderer for code folding
GtefInfoBar — Subclass of GtkInfoBar
GtefIter — GtkTextIter utility functions
GtefUtils — Utility functions
III. API Breaks
Gtef 1 -> Gtef 2
IV. Annexes
Object Hierarchy
Annotation Glossary
Index of all symbols
Index of new symbols in 1.0
Index of new symbols in 2.0