Integration with CMake build systems

GTK-Doc now provides a GtkDocConfig.cmake module (and the corresponding GtkDocConfigVersion.cmake module). This provides a gtk_doc_add_module command that you can set in your CMakeLists.txt file.

The following example shows how to use this command.

Example 2-8Example of using GTK-Doc from CMake
find_package(GtkDoc 1.25 REQUIRED)

# Create the doc-libmeep target.
   libmeep ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/libmeep
      XML meep-docs.xml
      LIBRARIES libmeep

# Build doc-libmeep as part of the default target. Without this, you would
# have to explicitly run something like `make doc-libmeep` to build the docs.
add_custom_target(documentation ALL DEPENDS doc-libmeep)

# Install the docs. (This assumes you're using the GNUInstallDirs CMake module
# to set the CMAKE_INSTALL_DOCDIR variable correctly).