Frequently asked questions

Question: No class hierarchy.

Answer: The objects xxx_get_type() function has not been entered into the <package>.types file.

Question: Still no class hierarchy.

Answer: Missing or wrong naming in <package>-sections.txt file (see explanation).

Question: Damn, I have still no class hierarchy.

Answer: Is the object name (name of the instance struct, e.g. GtkWidget) part of the normal section (don't put this into Standard or Private subsections).

Question: No symbol index.

Answer: Does the <package>-docs.{xml,sgml} contain a index that xi:includes the generated index?

Question: Symbols are not linked to their doc-section.

Answer: Is the doc-comment using the correct markup (added #,% or ())? Check if the gtkdoc-fixxref warns about unresolvable xrefs.

Question: A new class does not appear in the docs.

Answer: Is the new page xi:included from <package>-docs.{xml,sgml}.

Question: A new symbol does not appear in the docs.

Answer: Is the doc-comment properly formatted. Check for spelling mistakes in the begin of the comment. Check if the gtkdoc-fixxref warns about unresolvable xrefs. Check if the symbol is correctly listed in the <package>-sections.txt in a public subsection.

Question: A type is missing from the class hierarchy.

Answer: If the type is listed in <package>.hierarchy but not in xml/tree_index.sgml then double check that the type is correctly placed in the <package>-sections.txt. If the type instance (e.g. GtkWidget) is not listed or incidentally marked private it will not be shown.

Question: I get foldoc links for all gobject annotations.

Answer: Check that xml/annotation-glossary.xml is xi:included from <package>-docs.{xml,sgml}.

Question: Parameter described in source code comment block but does not exist

Answer: Check if the prototype in the header has different parameter names as in the source.

Question: multiple "IDs" for constraint linkend: XYZ

Answer: Symbol XYZ appears twice in <package>-sections.txt file.

Question: Element typename in namespace '' encountered in para, but no template matches.