GTK-Doc 1.9

When using xml instead of sgml, one can actually name the master document <package>-docs.xml.

This version supports SCAN_OPTIONS=--rebuild-sections in When this is enabled, the <package>-sections.txt is autogenerated and can be removed from the vcs. This only works nicely for projects that have a very regular structure (e.g. each .{c,h} pair will create new section). If one organize a project close to that updating a manually maintained section file can be as simple as running meld <package>-decl-list.txt <package>-sections.txt.

Version 1.8 already introduced the syntax for documenting sections in the sources instead of the separate files under tmpl. This version adds options to switch the whole doc module to not use the extra tmpl build step at all, by using --flavour no-tmpl in If you don't have a tmpl checked into your source control system and haven't yet switched, just add the flag to and you are done.