Integration with plain makefiles or other build systems

In the case one does not want to use automake and therefore gtk-doc.mak one will need to call the gtkdoc tools in the right order in own makefiles (or other build tools).

Example 2-7Documentation build steps
// sources have changed
gtkdoc-scan --module=$(DOC_MODULE) <source-dir>
gtkdoc-scangobj --module=$(DOC_MODULE)
gtkdoc-mkdb --module=$(DOC_MODULE) --output-format=xml --source-dir=<source-dir>
// xml files have changed
mkdir html
cd html && gtkdoc-mkhtml $(DOC_MODULE) ../meep-docs.xml
gtkdoc-fixxref --module=$(DOC_MODULE) --module-dir=html

One will need to look at the and gtk-doc.mak to pick the extra options needed.