Setting Widget Attributes

This describes the functions used to operate on widgets. These can be used to set style, padding, size, etc.

(Maybe I should make a whole section on accelerators.)

void gtk_widget_activate( GtkWidget *widget );

void gtk_widget_set_name( GtkWidget *widget,
                          gchar     *name );

gchar *gtk_widget_get_name( GtkWidget *widget );

void gtk_widget_set_sensitive( GtkWidget *widget,
                               gboolean   sensitive );

void gtk_widget_set_style( GtkWidget *widget,
                           GtkStyle  *style );
GtkStyle *gtk_widget_get_style( GtkWidget *widget );

GtkStyle *gtk_widget_get_default_style( void );

void gtk_widget_set_size_request( GtkWidget *widget,
                                  gint       width,
                                  gint       height );

void gtk_widget_grab_focus( GtkWidget *widget );

void gtk_widget_show( GtkWidget *widget );

void gtk_widget_hide( GtkWidget *widget );