GListModel support

GtkExpression — Expressions to values
GtkFilterListModel — A list model that filters its items
GtkFilter — Filtering items
GtkCustomFilter — Filtering with callbacks
GtkStringFilter — Filtering by string
GtkMultiFilter — Combining multiple filters
GtkFlattenListModel — A list model that flattens a list of lists
GtkMapListModel — A list model that transforms its items
GtkSliceListModel — A list model that presents a slice out of a larger list
GtkSortListModel — A list model that sorts its items
GtkSorter — Sorting items
GtkCustomSorter — Sorting with a callback
GtkStringSorter — Sort by comparing strings
GtkNumericSorter — Sort by comparing numbers
GtkMultiSorter — Combining multiple sorters
GtkSelectionModel — An extension of the list model interface that handles selections
GtkNoSelection — A selection model that does not allow selecting anything
GtkSingleSelection — A selection model that allows selecting a single item
GtkMultiSelection — A selection model that allows selecting a multiple items
GtkPropertySelection — A selection model that uses an item property
GtkDirectoryList — A list model for directory listings