gtkmm: Gtk::StockItem Class Reference

#include <gtkmm/stockitem.h>

Public Member Functions

 StockItem ()
 Constructs an invalid object. More...

 StockItem (GtkStockItem* castitem, bool make_a_copy=false)
 StockItem (const StockItem& src)
StockItemoperator= (const StockItem& src)
 StockItem (StockItem&& other) noexcept
StockItemoperator= (StockItem&& other) noexcept
 ~StockItem () noexcept
void swap (StockItem& other) noexcept
GtkStockItem* gobj ()
const GtkStockItem* gobj () const
GtkStockItem* gobj_copy () const
 Provides access to the underlying C instance. The caller is responsible for freeing it. Use when directly setting fields in structs. More...

 StockItem (const Gtk::StockID& stock_id, const Glib::ustring& label, Gdk::ModifierType modifier=Gdk::ModifierType(0), unsigned int keyval=0, const Glib::ustring& translation_domain=Glib::ustring())
StockID get_stock_id () const
Glib::ustring get_label () const
Gdk::ModifierType get_modifier () const
guint get_keyval () const
Glib::ustring get_translation_domain () const

Static Public Member Functions

static bool lookup (const Gtk::StockID& stock_id, Gtk::StockItem& item)

Protected Attributes

GtkStockItem* gobject_

Related Functions

(Note that these are not member functions.)

void swap (StockItem& lhs, StockItem& rhs) noexcept
Gtk::StockItem wrap (GtkStockItem* object, bool take_copy=false)
 A Glib::wrap() method for this object. More...


Detailed Description

Use icon names instead of StockItem, StockID and BuiltinStockID.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Gtk::StockItem::StockItem ( )

Constructs an invalid object.

E.g. for output arguments to methods. There is not much you can do with the object before it has been assigned a valid value.

Gtk::StockItem::StockItem ( GtkStockItem *  castitem,
bool  make_a_copy = false 
Gtk::StockItem::StockItem ( const StockItem src)
Gtk::StockItem::StockItem ( StockItem&&  other)
Gtk::StockItem::~StockItem ( )
Gtk::StockItem::StockItem ( const Gtk::StockID stock_id,
const Glib::ustring label,
Gdk::ModifierType  modifier = Gdk::ModifierType(0),
unsigned int  keyval = 0,
const Glib::ustring translation_domain = Glib::ustring() 

Member Function Documentation

guint Gtk::StockItem::get_keyval ( ) const
Glib::ustring Gtk::StockItem::get_label ( ) const
Gdk::ModifierType Gtk::StockItem::get_modifier ( ) const
StockID Gtk::StockItem::get_stock_id ( ) const
Glib::ustring Gtk::StockItem::get_translation_domain ( ) const
GtkStockItem* Gtk::StockItem::gobj ( )
const GtkStockItem* Gtk::StockItem::gobj ( ) const
GtkStockItem* Gtk::StockItem::gobj_copy ( ) const

Provides access to the underlying C instance. The caller is responsible for freeing it. Use when directly setting fields in structs.

static bool Gtk::StockItem::lookup ( const Gtk::StockID stock_id,
Gtk::StockItem item 
StockItem& Gtk::StockItem::operator= ( const StockItem src)
StockItem& Gtk::StockItem::operator= ( StockItem&&  other)
void Gtk::StockItem::swap ( StockItem other)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

void swap ( StockItem lhs,
StockItem rhs 
lhsThe left-hand side
rhsThe right-hand side
Gtk::StockItem wrap ( GtkStockItem *  object,
bool  take_copy = false 

A Glib::wrap() method for this object.

objectThe C instance.
take_copyFalse if the result should take ownership of the C instance. True if it should take a new copy or ref.
A C++ instance that wraps this C instance.

Member Data Documentation

GtkStockItem* Gtk::StockItem::gobject_