Integration Checklist

This appendix provides a checklist of the various tasks presented through this guide. You can use the checklist to ensure that your software is integrated into GNOME in at least the most basic ways, and also as a resource to plan for further integration work.

  1. Does your application appear in the menus of the GNOME Panel?
  2. Does your application have an icon for the panel menus or the desktop? If so, does it have multiple pre-rendered sizes and a scalable SVG version?
  3. If your application can load or save files, does it register the MIME types that it can handle?
  4. Does your application provide MIME icons for the file manager?
  5. Does your application support startup notification, so that GNOME can display feedback to the user while your application is being launched?
  6. If your application creates "printable" documents, does it install a thumbnailer for use by the file manager?