Buildbot Integration

Coupled with the Buildbot project, JHBuild can also function as a continuous integration tool. The Buildbot configuration is used by the GNOME project at

4.1. Configuring a Buildbot Slave

A Buildbot slave is a variation of a normal JHBuild installation that serves the requests of a Buildbot master. It is recommended to set up JHBuild and complete a build with most modules building successfully before adding the Buildbot customizations.

Buildbot commands are options to the bot command. To download and install the extra required software, run the following command:

$ jhbuild bot --setup

Once this step has completed successfully, three new configuration variables are required in ~/.config/jhbuildrc.

It is not possible to use an alternate configuration file, the --file will not get desired effects.

jhbuildbot_master = ''
jhbuildbot_slavename = 'slavename'
jhbuildbot_password = 'password'

jhbuildbot_master is a string specifying the Buildbot master server; it defaults to ''. jhbuildbot_slavename and jhbuildbot_password identify the slave on the master server. Contact the Buildbot master administrators to obtain the slave name and password.

The administrators of can be reached on the Build Brigade mailing list.