Wizard content

This block defines all files and directories used by the project.



It represents the content block and contains any number of directory elements.


<directory source=source_name [destination=destination_name] >

This element will define the source and destination directory for included files and directories. By default the source directory is the directory of the wizard template file, the destination directory is the current directory. You can put "." instead of a directory name to stay in the current directory. It is useful if you want to change the destination directory but not the source or the reverse. If you specify only the source directory, the destination will use the same value.


<file source=source_name [destination=destination_name] [executable=yes|no] [autogen=yes|no] />

This element will copy a file name source_name to destination_name using the currently defined source and destination directories. If not specified, the destination name will be the name of the source file.

The executable attribute allows to specify if the execute flag of the destination should be set, by default a file is not executable. The permission of the source file is not used.

The autogen attribute allows to specify if the file must be transform or not by autogen. By the default the first line of the file is tested to recognize an autogen template. If autogen is used, the file will get all definitions those have been used for generating the content block of the wizard template.