Plugin interfaces

IAnjutaBuildableImplemented by plugins that can build. This interface will be replaced by IAnjutaBuilder (for build functions) and IAnjutaEnvironment for ianjuta_buildable_set_command, ianjuta_buildable_reset_command and ianjuta_buildable_get_command.
IAnjutaBuilder — Implemented by plugins that can build
IAnjutaDebugger — Debugger interface
IAnjutaDebuggerBreakpoint — Breakpoint Debugger interface
IAnjutaDebuggerInstruction — Debugger interface for machine instruction
IAnjutaDebuggerMemory — Memory interface for debuggers
IAnjutaDebuggerRegister — Register interface for debuggers
IAnjutaDebuggerVariable — Variables interface for debuggers
IAnjutaDebugManager — Common graphical interface to all debugger
IAnjutaDocument — Interface for all kind of editable resources that will be managed by IAnjutaDocumentManager
IAnjutaDocumentManager — Interface for plugin that manages all the editors
IAnjutaEditor — Text editor interface
IAnjutaEditorAssist — Text editor assist interface
IAnjutaEditorCell — Text editor character cell
IAnjutaEditorCellStyle — Text editor cell style interface
IAnjutaEditorComment — Text editor comment interface
IAnjutaEditorConvert — Text editor convert interface
IAnjutaEditorFactory — Text editor factory that creates IAnjutaEditor objects
IAnjutaEditorFolds — Text editor folds inteface
IAnjutaEditorGladeSignal — Interface for dropping signal handlers
IAnjutaEditorGoto — Text editor navigation interface
IAnjutaEditorHover — Text editor hover interface
IAnjutaEditorLanguage — Text editor language interface
IAnjutaEditorLineMode — Text editor line mode
IAnjutaEditorSearch — Text editor search interface
IAnjutaEditorSelection — Text editor selection interface
IAnjutaEditorTip — Editor call tips assistance framework
IAnjutaEditorView — Text editor view interface
IAnjutaEditorZoom — Text editor zoom interface
IAnjutaEnvironment — Implemented by plugins doing cross compilation
IAnjutaFile — Implemented by plugins that can open files.
IAnjutaFileLoader — Loader to load files
IAnjutaFileManager — File manager plugin
IAnjutaFileSavable — Implemented by plugins that can save files.
IAnjutaHelp — Implemented by plugins that can provide help support
IAnjutaIndenter — Interface for automatic indentation
IAnjutaIndicable — Implemented by indicate that indicate a range
IAnjutaIterable — Implemented by objects that can iterate
IAnjutaIterableTree — Implemented by tree objects that can iterate
IAnjutaLanguage — Interface to manage multiple programming languages
IAnjutaLanguageProvider — Provider for autocompletion features
IAnjutaLoader — Interface to load file or stream
IAnjutaMarkable — Implemented by editors (or views) with markers support
IAnjutaMessageManager — The plugin that managers all message views
IAnjutaMessageView — A view where messages of different kind can be shown
IAnjutaPluginFactory — Create Anjuta plugin objects
IAnjutaPreferences — Preferences interface
IAnjutaPrint — Print interface
IAnjutaProject — Interface implemented by project backend
IAnjutaProjectManager — Interface for project managers
IAnjutaProjectChooser — Interface for selecting project node
IAnjutaProjectBackend — Interface for creating new project
IAnjutaProvider — Provider for autocompletion features
IAnjutaSnippetsManager — Snippets Manager interface
IAnjutaStream — Implemented by plugins that can open file streams
IAnjutaStreamLoader — Loader to load streams
IAnjutaStreamSavable — Implemented by plugins that can save file streams
IAnjutaSymbol — Source code symbol interface
IAnjutaSymbolQuery — Source code symbol query interface
IAnjutaSymbolManager — Source code symbols manager inteface
IAnjutaTerminal — Interface for command line terminals
IAnjutaTodo — Task manager interface
IAnjutaVcs — Version control system interface
IAnjutaWizard — Interface for wizards that can create new stuffs