GdaTreeMgrLdap — A tree manager which creates a node for each child entry of an LDAP entry

Stability Level

Stable, unless otherwise indicated


GdaLdapConnection * connection Read / Write / Construct Only
gchar * dn Read / Write / Construct Only

Types and Values

Object Hierarchy

    ╰── GdaTreeManager
        ╰── GdaTreeMgrLdap


The GdaTreeMgrLdap is a GdaTreeManager object which creates a node for each child entry of an LDAP entry.

Note: this type of tree manager is available only if the LDAP library was found at compilation time and if the LDAP provider is correctly installed.


gda_tree_mgr_ldap_new ()

GdaTreeManager *
gda_tree_mgr_ldap_new (GdaConnection *cnc,
                       const gchar *dn);

Creates a new GdaTreeManager object which will list the children of the LDAP entry which Distinguished name is dn . If dn is NULL, then the tree manager will look in the tree itself for an attribute named "dn" and use it.



a GdaConnection object



an LDAP Distinguished Name or NULL.



a new GdaTreeManager object.

[transfer full]

Since 4.2.8

Types and Values

struct GdaTreeMgrLdap

struct GdaTreeMgrLdap;

Property Details

The “connection” property

  “connection”               GdaLdapConnection *

Defines the GdaLdapConnection to get information from.

Flags: Read / Write / Construct Only

The “dn” property

  “dn”                       gchar *

Defines the Distinguised Name of the LDAP entry to list children from

Flags: Read / Write / Construct Only

Default value: NULL