GdaVproviderHub — Virtual provider for connections based on other connection

Stability Level

Stable, unless otherwise indicated

Types and Values

Object Hierarchy

    ╰── GdaServerProvider
        ╰── GdaSqliteProvider
            ╰── GdaVirtualProvider
                ╰── GdaVproviderDataModel
                    ╰── GdaVproviderHub


This provider is used to create virtual connections which "incorporate" tables from other connections. This is typically used when one need to compare or migrate data from one database to the other by creating two connections for each database, and "binding" them into a third virtual connection using this provider.

Using gda_virtual_connection_open() with this provider as argument will generate a GdaVconnectionHub connection object, from which connections can be added.


gda_vprovider_hub_new ()

GdaVirtualProvider *
gda_vprovider_hub_new (void);

Creates a new GdaVirtualProvider object which allows one to add and remove GdaDataModel objects as tables within a connection


a new GdaVirtualProvider object.

Types and Values

struct GdaVproviderHub

struct GdaVproviderHub;

See Also

See also the introduction to virtual connections