Various API changes

  • GdaFieldAttributes has been renamed GdaColumn

  • The GdaParameter is now an object, and it is extensively used within GdaParameterList objects. Each GdaParameterList object represent a vector of parameters (which may or may not have values assigned) and is the base of the GdaDataModelIter iterator object. The GdaParameter API has been altered.

  • The GdaExport class has been removed, the features it offered are now implemented in each GdaDataModel object.

  • GdaSelect has been renamed GdaDataModelFilterSQL

  • The GdaTable class has been replaced by the GdaDataModelQuery class: it's a data model which can refresh itself and can be configured to be updatable, it's not limited to a database table.

  • The GdaXmlDatabase has been removed and the default database is now SQLite which is a complete RDBMS in a file

  • All the gda_xql_*() functions have been removed because they were unused and unmaintained.

  • The 'xml' provider has been removed as it did not work correctly and has been replaced by the SQLite provider as the provider to have serverless databases.