Initialization and configuration

Library initialization — Library initialization and information
Configuration — Access/Management of libgda configuration
Configuring Libgda with environment variables

Configuration examples are given in this introduction section

Configuring Libgda with environment variables

Some functional aspects of Libgda can be configured using environment variables which are listed here:

  • GDA_CONNECTION_EVENTS_SHOW: if set, then lists the type of events which must be displayed on STDOUT (event types are NOTICE, COMMAND, WARNING, ERROR, the variable can contain a list of types separated by colons, commas or spaces)

  • GDA_PROVIDERS_ROOT_DIR: if set, must point to the directory where the providers files are (providers files are shared libraries)

  • LIBGDA_NO_THREADS (useless since version 5.2.0): if set, then multi threading will be disabled (see the section about multi threading for more information about Libgda threads' support). Please note that this environment variables is not used anymore since version 5.2.0, as threading is always enabled by Glib.

  • GDA_SHOW_PROVIDER_LOADING_ERROR: if set, then in case a provider fails to be loaded (usually because it requires a library which can't be found) Libgda will display a warning message. This variable is useful to debug the absence of a provider at runtime

  • GDA_DATA_MODEL_DUMP_TITLE: if set, then gda_data_model_dump() will also output the name of the data model as its first line

  • GDA_DATA_MODEL_DUMP_ROW_NUMBERS: if set, then gda_data_model_dump() will prepend a column containing row numbers

  • GDA_DATA_MODEL_NULL_AS_EMPTY: if set, then gda_data_model_dump() will show an empty ("") string for NULL values, instead of the "NULL" string

  • GDA_DATA_MODEL_DUMP_TRUNCATE: if set to a numeric value, then gda_data_model_dump() will truncates the output to the width specified by the value. If the value is -1 then the actual terminal size (if it can be determined) is used

  • GDA_DATA_MODEL_DUMP_ATTRIBUTES: if set, then gda_data_model_dump() will also include a description of the data model's attributes

  • GDA_CONFIG_SYNCHRONOUS: if set, and if the Gnome Keyring is used to store DSN authentification information, then the requests to the Gnome Keyring will be made synchronously. This is useful if Libgda is used in a program where there is no main loop (otherwise no authentification will be fetched).

  • GDA_TREE_DUMP_ALL_ATTRIBUTES: if set, then gda_tree_dump() will dump all the attributes of each node in the tree

  • GDAUI_SHOW_PLUGINS_LOADING: if set, then a trace of Gda UI's plugins loading will be output the first time they are loaded.