Library initialization

Library initialization — Library initialization and information

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Stable, unless otherwise indicated




gda_init ()

gda_init (void);

Initializes the GDA library, must be called prior to any Libgda usage.

Please note that if you call setlocale() to modify the current locale, you should also call gda_locale_changed() before using Libgda again.

gda_locale_changed ()

gda_locale_changed (void);

Call this function whenever the setlocale() function has been called to change the current locale; this function is first called by gda_init() so you don't need to call it if you have set the locale before calling gda_init().

Failing to call this function after having changed the current locale may result in Libgda reverting to the previous set locale.

Since 4.2.3

gda_get_application_exec_path ()

gchar *
gda_get_application_exec_path (const gchar *app_name);

Find the path to the application identified by app_name . For example if the application is "gda-sql", then calling this function will return "/your/prefix/bin/gda-sql-5.0" if Libgda is installed in the "/your/prefix" prefix (which would usually be "/usr"), and for the ABI version 5.0.



the name of the application to find



the path as a new string, or NULL if the application cannot be found.

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