Object Hierarchy
GNOME Canvas Library (libgnomecanvas)
GnomeCanvas — Main canvas widget
GnomeCanvasBpath — Bezier path canvas item
GnomeCanvasClipgroup — Canvas group that implements clipping
GnomeCanvasEllipse — Canvas item for drawing ellipses and circles
GnomeCanvasGroup — Canvas item group
GnomeCanvasItem — Base class for all canvas items
GnomeCanvasLine — Line canvas item
GnomeCanvasPixbuf — Pixbuf image canvas item
GnomeCanvasPolygon — Polygon canvas item
GnomeCanvasRE — Base class for rectangle and ellipse items
GnomeCanvasRect — Rectangle canvas item
GnomeCanvasRichText — Rich text canvas item
GnomeCanvasShape — Base class for canvas item shapes
GnomeCanvasText — Text canvas item
GnomeCanvasWidget — Widget canvas item
gnome-canvas-path-def — Container and functions for manipulating ArtBpaths
gnome-canvas-util — Canvas utility functions