SeahorseServiceDiscovery — Seahorse Service Discovery handles (finds, removes,...) Avahi services




typedef struct _SeahorseServiceDiscoveryPriv SeahorseServiceDiscoveryPriv;

struct SeahorseServiceDiscovery

struct SeahorseServiceDiscovery {
    GObject parent;

    GHashTable  *services;

Listens for DNS-SD shared keys on the network and adds SeahorseKeySoruce objects to the SeahorseContext as necessary.

Signals: added: A new shared key source was found. removed: A shared key source went away.

GObject parent;

The parent GObject

GHashTable *services;

A GHashTable of known services

seahorse_service_discovery_new ()

SeahorseServiceDiscovery *    seahorse_service_discovery_new

Returns :

A new SeahorseServiceDiscovery object

seahorse_service_discovery_list ()

GSList *                      seahorse_service_discovery_list
                                                        (SeahorseServiceDiscovery *ssd);

ssd :

A SeahorseServiceDiscovery. It's services will be added to the list

Returns :

A GSList containing the services in ssd

seahorse_service_discovery_get_uri ()

const gchar *                 seahorse_service_discovery_get_uri
                                                        (SeahorseServiceDiscovery *ssd,
                                                         const gchar *service);

ssd :

Service discovery object

service :

The service to get the uri for

Returns :

The URI of the service service in ssd

seahorse_service_discovery_get_uris ()

GSList *                      seahorse_service_discovery_get_uris
                                                        (SeahorseServiceDiscovery *ssd,
                                                         GSList *services);

The returned uris in the list are copied and must be freed with g_free.

ssd :

The service discovery object

services :

A GSList of services

Returns :

A GSList of uris for the services