seahorse-progress — Progress bar handling



seahorse_progress_status_set_operation ()

void                seahorse_progress_status_set_operation
                                                        (SeahorseWidget *swidget,
                                                         SeahorseOperation *operation);

Adds the operation to the widget.

swidget :

The SeahorseWidget to add the operation to

operation :

The operation to add

seahorse_progress_status_get_operation ()

SeahorseOperation *   seahorse_progress_status_get_operation
                                                        (SeahorseWidget *swidget);

swidget :

The SeahorseWidget to extract the operation from

Returns :

The operation stored in the widget

seahorse_progress_show ()

void                seahorse_progress_show              (SeahorseOperation *operation,
                                                         const gchar *title,
                                                         gboolean delayed);

Displays a progress window and adds an operation to it.

operation :

The operation to create a progress window for

title :

Optional title of this window

delayed :

TRUE: wait 1 second before displaying the window