typedef struct _SeahorseSetPrivate SeahorseSetPrivate;

struct SeahorseSet

struct SeahorseSet {
	GObject parent;

A subset list of the keys in the SeahorseContext.

- Used all over by various views to narrow in on the keys that they're interested in. - Originally was going to be called SeahorseView (database parlance) but that's far too confusing with overloaded terminology. - Uses a SeahorseObjectPredicate to match keys. - Sends out events when keys get added and removed from it's view. Or a key in the view changes etc... - Supports per key event 'closures'. When a closure is set for a key, it's then passed as an argument to the 'changed' and 'removed' events.

Signals: added: A key was added to this keyset. removed: A key disappeared from this keyset. changed: A key in the keyset changed. set-changed: The number of keys in the keyset changed

Properties: count: The number of keys predicate: (SeahorseObjectPredicate) The predicate used for matching.

GObject parent;

The parent GtkObject

seahorse_set_new ()

SeahorseSet *         seahorse_set_new                  (GQuark ktype,
                                                         SeahorseUsage usage,
                                                         SeahorseLocation location,
                                                         guint flags,
                                                         guint nflags);

seahorse_set_new_full ()

SeahorseSet *         seahorse_set_new_full             (SeahorseObjectPredicate *pred);

seahorse_set_has_object ()

gboolean            seahorse_set_has_object             (SeahorseSet *skset,
                                                         SeahorseObject *sobj);

seahorse_set_get_objects ()

GList *               seahorse_set_get_objects          (SeahorseSet *skset);

seahorse_set_get_count ()

guint               seahorse_set_get_count              (SeahorseSet *skset);

seahorse_set_refresh ()

void                seahorse_set_refresh                (SeahorseSet *skset);

seahorse_set_get_closure ()

gpointer            seahorse_set_get_closure            (SeahorseSet *skset,
                                                         SeahorseObject *sobj);

seahorse_set_set_closure ()

void                seahorse_set_set_closure            (SeahorseSet *skset,
                                                         SeahorseObject *sobj,
                                                         gpointer closure);