Provide a grouping of component properties that describe an event.

This class emits notifications about changes, and can be tracked through the GraphUpdated DBus signal.

Class hierarchy 
        ncal:UnionParentClass     ───────┐
                nie:InformationElement ──┤
                                         └── ncal:Event 


The “ncal:transp” property

“ncal:transp”          ncal:TimeTransparency

Defines whether an event is transparent or not to busy time searches. Inspired by RFC 2445 sec. Values for this property can be chosen from a limited vocabulary. To express this a TimeTransparency class has been introduced.

Number of possible elements per resource (Cardinality): 1

The “ncal:eventStatus” property

“ncal:eventStatus”          ncal:EventStatus

Defines the overall status or confirmation for an Event. Based on the STATUS property defined in RFC 2445 sec.

Number of possible elements per resource (Cardinality): 1