Represents feed entry on top of Nepomuk Messaging Ontology's message. May have enclosures attached and certain settings that allow deviation from feed channel's setup

This class emits notifications about changes, and can be tracked through the GraphUpdated DBus signal.

Class hierarchy 
        nie:InformationElement nie:InformationElement 
        ├── nfo:Document ├── 
        │   ╰── nfo:TextDocument │   
        │       ╰── nmo:Message │   ──┐
        │               │             │
        ╰── ╰── mfo:FeedElement ──────┤
                                      └── mfo:FeedMessage 


The “mfo:enclosureList” property

“mfo:enclosureList”          mfo:Enclosure

A list of enclosures

Number of possible elements per resource (Cardinality): Unlimited

The “mfo:downloadedTime” property


Captures the time stamp when message was downloaded

Number of possible elements per resource (Cardinality): 1