An aggregate of a period and a freebusy type. This class has been introduced to serve as a range of the ncal:freebusy property. See documentation for ncal:freebusy for details. Note that the specification of freebusy property states that the period is to be expressed using UTC time, so the timezone properties should NOT be used for instances of this class.

Class hierarchy 
        ╰── ncal:NcalPeriod 
            ╰── ncal:FreebusyPeriod 


The “ncal:fbtype” property

“ncal:fbtype”          ncal:FreebusyType

To specify the free or busy time type. Inspired by RFC 2445 sec. 4.2.9. The RFC specified a limited vocabulary for the values of this property. The terms of this vocabulary have been expressed as instances of the FreebusyType class. The user can use instances provided with this ontology or create his own.

Number of possible elements per resource (Cardinality): 1