The Radio station in user terms: BBC3, Radio5, YLEX, ... It is linked with 1 or more carriers (different FM frenquencies, online sources in different qualities, etc.). Some RDS information is represented with nie properties, nie:identifier for PI, nie:title for PS

This class emits notifications about changes, and can be tracked through the GraphUpdated DBus signal.

Class hierarchy

        ╰── nfo:Media 
            ╰── nfo:Audio 
                ╰── nmm:RadioStation 


The “nmm:carrier” property

“nmm:carrier”          nfo:MediaStream

Signal where a radio can be tuned in. There can be more than one.

Number of possible elements per resource (Cardinality): Unlimited

The “nmm:radioPTY” property

“nmm:radioPTY”          http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema#integer

PTY Code (content description) as integer. RDS specs define the translations into human readable descriptions for various languages

Number of possible elements per resource (Cardinality): 1

The “nmm:radioIcon” property

“nmm:radioIcon”          nfo:Image

Image used as logo for a radio station

Number of possible elements per resource (Cardinality): 1