Index of new symbols in 1.6


pango_attr_letter_spacing_new, function in Text Attributes


pango_context_get_font_map, function in Contexts
pango_context_get_matrix, function in Contexts
pango_context_set_matrix, function in Contexts


PangoFcDecoder, struct in PangoFcDecoder
PangoFcDecoderClass, struct in PangoFcDecoder
pango_fc_decoder_get_charset, function in PangoFcDecoder
pango_fc_decoder_get_glyph, function in PangoFcDecoder
pango_fc_font_map_add_decoder_find_func, function in PangoFcFontMap
pango_font_metrics_get_strikethrough_position, function in Fonts
pango_font_metrics_get_strikethrough_thickness, function in Fonts
pango_font_metrics_get_underline_position, function in Fonts
pango_font_metrics_get_underline_thickness, function in Fonts
pango_ft2_render_layout_line_subpixel, function in FreeType Fonts and Rendering
pango_ft2_render_layout_subpixel, function in FreeType Fonts and Rendering
pango_ft2_render_transformed, function in FreeType Fonts and Rendering


pango_glyph_item_free, function in Glyph Storage
pango_glyph_item_letter_space, function in Glyph Storage


pango_layout_get_ellipsize, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_set_ellipsize, function in Layout Objects


PangoMatrix, struct in Glyph Storage
pango_matrix_concat, function in Glyph Storage
pango_matrix_copy, function in Glyph Storage
pango_matrix_free, function in Glyph Storage
PANGO_MATRIX_INIT, macro in Glyph Storage
pango_matrix_rotate, function in Glyph Storage
pango_matrix_scale, function in Glyph Storage
pango_matrix_translate, function in Glyph Storage


pango_ot_buffer_set_zero_width_marks, function in OpenType Font Handling