Evolution Data Server

With Evolution Data Server, GNOME provides a single address book and calendar that all applications can use to store and retrieve information. Using Evolution Data Server means that users no longer have to maintain separate lists of contacts in each application, or manually copy events to their calendar.

People use computers increasingly to interact with their friends and colleagues. Applications such as email programs, instant messengers, and telephony and video conferencing applications are used to communicate with others. These applications often provide contact lists to help users. Using Evolution Data Server, applications can store contact information in a single location, allowing all applications to see all the pertinent data about users' contacts.

Applications can also use Evolution Data Server to store and retrieve appointments on the user's calendar. For example, the clock on the panel shows a simple calendar when clicked. If the user has any appointments scheduled, they are shown alongside the calendar. This makes it easy to see upcoming appointments without opening a full calendar application.